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HTML is the new HTML5

Few days ago Ian Hickson wrote a blog: HTML is the new HTML5, he referred "we moved to a new development model", and comes with two major changes: The HTML specification will henceforth just be known as "HTML", with the URL The WHATWG HTML spec now became "living standard", "It's more mature than any version of the HTML specification". I took a screenshot below: In a simple sentence: HTML is going to "unversioned model", according to this there is definitely a concern: OK, living standard? Does this mean the standard could be changed/updated/revised at anytime?...

Google Code is blocked by the 天杀的天朝 Govenment…

这Code跟"Zheng Zhi"有关系吗?我搞不懂!可以访问估计是因为没有Https加密,具体某个项目比如我的WayneBlog项目由于加密了,他们就怕有问题了?我实在是对你们无语了!!

Unique URL Pattern in Ajax Web Application

Testing: Can I really edit this? Background Few days ago one of my friend asked me how does Gmail change its URL while user operates inside it without page refreshing, I’ve no idea about that at that time, he then shared a link Ajax Pattern - Unique URLs which deep dives into this topic, as the article mentioned: Unique URL make your website’s link “Bookmarkable, Linkable, Type-In-Able”, plus Sharable IMHO, easy to be shared to Social network which is extremely important nowadays. Implementation The key technology to achieve the ““Unique URL” goal could be summarized into two points: If t...

PMP exam passed:)

Yesterday I received an Email from PMI, which confirmed I've passed the PMP exam and now became a certificated PMP, hum, I didn't expect the result came out in such a short duration, but anyway, feeling exicting:) I took the exam on Dec 4th, 2010, I still remember how hard I went over all the knowledge points from 4 books plus other material during the entire November: excepting eating, sleeping, working, I waseither reading PMP books or doing practice test, my mind was full filled with 5 Project Processes, Cost, Time (Schedule), Risk, Communication, EVM, Critical Path, Pareto Chart, ...

Happy 2011


IP Address to Geolocation

Background Few months ago I found an interesting website:, it provided API which could “translate” any IP Address into a geography location including City/Region/Country as well as latitude/longitude and time zone information, to invoke its API, a registered API key is required (which is free). Since beforehand I stored visitor’s IP Addresses into my own database, I decided to utilize InfoDB API to store visitor’s GEO locations. Just few days ago, I casually emitted an idea: summarize those GEO location records and display them on Google Map, hum, it is feasible:) So, ...

Utilize gzip compression in IIS

GZIP format is developed by GNU Project and standardized by IETF in RFC 1952, which MUST be considered by web developers to improve their websites' performance, there are several Quintessential articles documented using gzip compression, they are: 10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression IIS 7 Compression. Good? Bad? How much? A gzip compressed HTTP package can significantly save bandwidth thus speed up browser rendering after use hitting enter, so that user experie...

败了Nikon D7000

周六去星光入手了心仪已久的Nike D7000,配了个35mm/1.8 G,特别鸣谢Sean童鞋,不仅全程陪同,帮忙砍价,验机,最后还帮我全额付款,感动得我那个内牛满面啊^_^ 玩了两天,出了点片,this is just a start, 出片才是硬道理!!我会努力证明这款强大的机器在我这只菜鸟手上会发挥很大威力:)眼下还是很菜的。。。 菜片showing below:

My new Dev box - HP Z800 Workstation

两个星期以前我实在无法忍受Visual Studio 2010的缓慢,即使Disable了IntelliTrace以及别的一些的优化也没有显著改善,而我很清楚这台HP XW9400虽然也很强大很CPU主频很低:2.2G,CPU Rank 300名外。。 我向Manager申请一台新的开发机,老大欣然同意了,于是我跟部门的IT沟通说只希望CPU,内存,硬盘快些就行了,不要光驱和显卡。 两周后Z800到货了!!CPU按我要求的是Intel Xeon 5680,6核主频3.33G,12M三级缓存,开启超线程后任务管理器里显示12个CPU!!8G内存加360GB 7200R/S硬盘(这个有点短板),没有光驱:)。 这颗CPU在cpubenchmark.net上现今排名高居第6名:

Microsoft Desktop Player

MSDN TechNet Flash has announced Microsoft Desktop Player, now it is in Beta, it can be accessed through the official website which is Silverlight based: I also installed the desktop version, the desktop version is not a Silverlight OOB, instead, it is a traditional Winform, see screenshot below: