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My New iMac

Hooray! My new development & gaming machine - the later 2013 iMac! I wrote this blog post to record my thoughts and feelings before and after I purchased this baby:) My open questions and the answers I got from the Apple customer service I will choose a dedicated SSD, will it be PCIe based? Will the 2013 iMac easy to expand memory? Similar with the later 2012? If I purchase the apple care in Singapore apple website online, will it valid in case in the future I migrated to other country (for example, USA) ? Will the iMac pre-installed OSX mavericks? If I buy a external USB 3.0 hard driv...

Setup MongoDB with sharding infrastructure

The landscape  Sharding is the strategy that MongoDB uses to horizentally scale the entire data store infrustructure and meet the demands of data,growth, the infrastructure can be demonstrated as image below: Preparation To simulate a production like environment, a minimum number of 7 physical/virtual servers are required, the role of them are: 3 for Mongo config servers 1 for Mongo shard server (mongos) 3 for a Mongo shard (Replica set), 1 primary and 2 secondary (or 1 secondary and 1 arbiter). Note: all the machines above need have mongod installed, for in...

MongoDB Schema Design and Common Practices

Installation Exhaustive documentation: Mongo executables will be installed into /use/bin/, database files will under /data/db/ Log file location: /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log


新“家” 本屌丝租用的是一套位于Pasir Pajang Hill据说是富人区的海景房, 每月开销S$3600,跟Mark兄弟分摊。 海景房 - 每天24小时都有不一样的景色

WTF?IBM Lotus and Domino Server?

Technical tags: IBM, Domino, AIX, LotusScript, ODBC/JDBC, ADO, OLE DB, Assume we are now in Jurassic period, the technologies above are in Cambrian period, developers who has less than 4 years experience probably never heard about any of the above terminologies... No choice, I was dealing with them during the passes few weeks, I met ODBC as soon as I graduated while I was development ASP website using VBScript, but it was soon replaced by ADO, and after half a year I started studying .NET so I used ADO.NET, nowadays we usually talk to Entity Framework which abstracts ADO.NET interfaces... N...

Cache Reverse Proxy - Varnish

Introduction Varnish is an HTTP accelerator, the official page is: Varnish stands in front of the web application server to be a cache reverse proxy (also can be a load balancer), it can simply cache all the static resources in memory, and can also be powerfully configed using VCL (Varnish Configuration Language, a DSL for Varnish configuration) to cache dynamic content, in addition, Varnish implements ESI (Edge Side Include) standards to provide ability to cache static parts of the page.

Cache Reverse Proxy - nginx

Introduction On the homepage of nxing wiki, there used to be one sentence which really impressed my very much when I first time to take a look at it and learn it three years ago: Apache is like Microsoft Word, it has a million options but you only need six. Nginx does those six things, and it does five of them 50 times faster than Apache.  --Chris Lea

12 tips to boost RSpect and Cucumber

In our daily TDD/BDD work, we spent most of our time in test cases, we analyze requirements, write test case, run it and watch it fail, implement code to make the test pass, repeat the process "until money runs out". Thus the speed of running those test cases have significant impact on a team's performance, ! You can't tolerance writing a test case, waiting 1 minute finish; You can't tolerance CI finishes running all RSpec/Cucumber tests for half an hour! I can't! So I motivated to improve this! The result

Observation on CDN

Motivation Leveraging CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up static files loading time is one of the most important fact which affects a website's loading time, CDN was emphasized in many articles related with improving website's performance, for example: Nicholas C. Zakas - How content delivery networks (CDNs) work Why the CDN industry is so important Importance of Using CDN to Speed Up Website Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site