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Personal Schedule Management Tool

Written by Wayne Ye  Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time is always ticking no matter you care it or you don’t care it, everyone knows it including myself, to remind myself don’t waste too much time on gaming, reading news or something else, I developed a little tool which I call it “Personal Schedule Management Tool” to achieve this simple goal.


I create an XML file to store a serial of [time stamp/task to do] pairs, the tool will start with Windows and load the XML file, a working timer behind it will periodically check whether there is a task needs to be done at defined time stamp, once the condition is matched, the tool will

  1. Shows Windows Balloon Tips with the task as content, screenshot below.
  2. Invokes managed Microsoft Speech API: SpeechSynthesizer.Speak() to remind me even if I am not in front of my dev-box at that time.

Here is my XML to store schedule items:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="18" TriggerMinute="20" Content="Wayne, time to have your dinner." />
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="19" TriggerMinute="0" Content="Wayne! It is time to learn technologies and programming skills, i.e. CODING TIME!" />
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="20" TriggerMinute="30" Content="OK, your eye and brain need rest, time to do some body execise - running, sit-ups, push-up, etc.  Enjoy:)" />
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="21" TriggerMinute="0" Content="Well, sweat off your face and have a bath:)." />
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="21" TriggerMinute="30" Content="All right, well come back, you know you should read some books!" />
  <ScheduleItem TriggerHour="23" TriggerMinute="0" Content="Wayne, thanks for the hard work! Time to sleep, have a good night!" />

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