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Windows 8 - Far from perfect

Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recently I spent a few days in investigating Metro App (AKA immersive UI) development, I downloaded & installed VS 2011 Ultimate, watched couple of videos talking about WinRT, Metro App life cycle, Living tiles & Notifications, etc. So far, I've encountered many many issues... I had to say: Windows 8 - Long Way to goSmile.

Below are few examples.

Metro App failed to got suspended

This happened when Ben Srour was doing the demo at Build conference, I encountered, too. His walking arround was killing explorer process and relaunch it manually, I copied that and my app successfully got suspended (applauding...).

Suspending issue

From a blackbox point of view, I guess this might be a bug: explorer process failed to suspend metro apps that deployed after process.exe itself.

Obvious library code defect

Code snippet below is copied from WinJS.IOHelper.existsFar from - MSDN link

 exists: function (fileName) {
    return this.folder.getFileAsync(fileName).
            function () { return true; },
            function () { return false; }

What happend? When I call var fileExisted = IOHelper.exists("FileName.extention"); and the given file does not exists, exception will be thrown inside exists method's inside -> getFileAsync, in which essentially grabs a thread from ThreadPool and does an async IO, FileNotFound exception was thrown at that thread and can be caught by VS debugger, however Metro app will not got affected. This drove me crazy and so far I didn't find a walk arround, I think this is a bug in wwaapp.js version 0.5.

Inconsistent between code and documentaiton

In the Dev Center documentation it clearly claims how to specify your own rules inside ApplicationContentUriRules node.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Package xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/appx/2010/manifest">

  <!-- Code has been omitted. -->

    <Application Id="MyApp" StartPage="default.html">

          <Rule Match="http://*.bing.com/*" Type="include"/>



Whereas when I tried that I saw below (click to enlarge):

Living tiles does not got updated

This happened in Kip Olson's demo at build conference, it was embarrassing. for me, I haven't found a way to get it work so far.

wwahost.exe hang/refused to work

This happened many timesSmile... Every time it refused to work, many metro apps cannot runany more.

To be continued

I want to say, those are not my complaints, if I don't like it, I won't wast my time on it. The truth is, Windows 8 will be the most revolutionary OS from Microsoft after Windows 95, it will change everything. I hope so and I believe in it! However, again, there is long way to goSmile.

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Experiencing Windows 8 Tablet

Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, September 29, 2011

This week is a Tablet week for me, Shilpa told me the Ipad2 I won in the Codeproject HTML5 & CSS3 competition had just arrived at Cupertino office, and my boss notified me he had successfully helped me bought an HP Touchpad - $99,  and my colleague Jun Yi participated Winndows Builld event hosted on Sep 13th in Anaheim, CA, no doubt, he got a free Windows 8 Tablet, I envy him, absolutely; however this afternoon, he kindly borrowed it to me for the entire China National Day, I appreciate himSmile.

My Ipad2 and HP Touchpad will be brought by Mr.X who will visit Shanghai office recently, I am extremely excited about the Windows 8 Tablet, actually before I got it I've already borrowed an HP TouchSmart PC and installed Windows 8 Developer Preview, I even developed an "Hello World" Metro style appSmile.

Well one thing I wanna mention is during my way home, it rained heavily, since I was riding my bike the Tablet is exposed in the rain, so I unfixed my T-Shirt and covered it without hesitation! That's what a real geek should do, isn't it? By doing this I got a lot of doubtful look because I was barebacked^_^

No more words, enjoy my photos!

My wet T-ShirtMy wet T-Shirt

It got protected
It got protected 

Metro UI
Metro UI 

Running Visual Studio 11 Express
Running Visual Studio 11 Express

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Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, July 7, 2011

http://ie6countdown.com 微软官方劝退IE6网站,其页面上希望您告诉朋友不要用IE6了,而且可以获取一段脚本挂在您的网站上, 并且列出了各个国家的地区的IE6份额,我天朝当然高居榜首。




  1. 尊重知识产权!否则在这个星球上处处遭人鄙视,而且扼杀了自己的创新能力及公平竞争土壤
  2. 正常点吃,经济点开,少贪一点,少抽一点,把属于人民的财富还给人民

第二条能够改善会使更多的人买得起正版,而用盗版归根结底是官方对知识产权重视不够!几年前胡哥访问Biil Gates老家,以及今年初买波音的飞机,实际上都是承认错误,钱可以送,但就是不改!实际上,恶果就是这样的土壤上难有世界级企业,为啥?刚有点好的态势就被Copy了,还没法通过法律手段起诉。

PS, wayneye.com从第一天开始就不支持IE6,您可以试试拿IE6访问是个啥情况:)

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Microsoft Desktop Player

Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, November 18, 2010

MSDN TechNet Flash has announced Microsoft Desktop Player, now it is in Beta, it can be accessed through the official website which is Silverlight based:


I also installed the desktop version, the desktop version is not a Silverlight OOB, instead, it is a traditional Winform, see screenshot below:

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来美国一个月的生活小结 (上)

Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. 皮萨
2. 汉堡
3. 沙拉
3.5 每天变换的汤

汤由于不能解决温饱问题所以算0.5个好了,皮萨最简单了,就躺在那,铲一片走人,直接买单(2刀),也是最便宜的了。汉堡呢就有很多选择,Turkey burger($3.10), Angus Burger($4.15),Blah Blah Burger(最多7刀,猪鸡鱼牛都有,名字太多太复杂不记得了),我老是吃Turkey burger,真可怜呵呵, ok,说下汉堡是怎么做成的,鄙人原来是不知道的。先跟厨师说我要什么肉(橱窗里选一个),同时他又是还会问你要什么样的“面包”(不知道翻译成什么好,呵呵,土人一个),“面包”分为两种,我之前一直不懂,直到写此部落格之前的几个小时才从美国同事那里得知答案,所以我一直都是脸红着说:“您帮我选吧:)我不介意。”然后他就把肉放在一个炉子上烤,我现在知道那炉子叫Grill,一般每种肉都会在写出价格的同时标上大概需要几分钟,只是我发现时间根本不对,说是4分钟其实每次都要等大概8分钟左右,那“坨”肉在我看来最后都是糊的。。。我每次都有点担心怕他们太忙会不会弄糊,呵呵,不过这点上老美

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