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Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, July 7, 2011

http://ie6countdown.com 微软官方劝退IE6网站,其页面上希望您告诉朋友不要用IE6了,而且可以获取一段脚本挂在您的网站上, 并且列出了各个国家的地区的IE6份额,我天朝当然高居榜首。




  1. 尊重知识产权!否则在这个星球上处处遭人鄙视,而且扼杀了自己的创新能力及公平竞争土壤
  2. 正常点吃,经济点开,少贪一点,少抽一点,把属于人民的财富还给人民

第二条能够改善会使更多的人买得起正版,而用盗版归根结底是官方对知识产权重视不够!几年前胡哥访问Biil Gates老家,以及今年初买波音的飞机,实际上都是承认错误,钱可以送,但就是不改!实际上,恶果就是这样的土壤上难有世界级企业,为啥?刚有点好的态势就被Copy了,还没法通过法律手段起诉。

PS, wayneye.com从第一天开始就不支持IE6,您可以试试拿IE6访问是个啥情况:)

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Significant Enhancement in Internet Explorer 9

Written by Wayne Ye  Friday, February 18, 2011


Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate on  Feb 10th, 2011, RC indicates except bug fixing, there would not have big changes before the final RTM. Since I've been keeping a watchful eye on IE9 from its very first preview version, I would like to write a post about its significant enhancement from a developer's point of view, I intend to summarize most significant enhancement points of IE9 listed below:

  • Enhanced performance
    1. The New Chakra JavaScript Engine
    2. Hardware Acceleration
  • Enhanced Web Standard Support
    1. HTML5 (huge number of new attributes support and Web Storage support)
    2. CSS3 (border-radius, ::selection pseudo-element, )
    3. W3 standard Geolocaltion API
  • Windows 7 Integration
    1. Website customizable TaskBar Jumplist.

By achieving new features above, IE9 will absolutely be the fastest and best Web Standard support version in the entire IE history.  

Walk through IE9 Enhancements

New JavaScript Engine – Chakra

IE9 team must be persistently working so hard on improving Chakra's performance, I picked following two paragraph  from Chakra Page on Wikipedia:

Microsoft's development of the engine was in response to evolving competing browsers, on which IE8 was lagging behind in terms of JavaScript processing speed.[3] SunSpider tests performed on November 18, 2009 showed the PDC version of IE9 executing scripts much faster than IE8, but slower than respectively Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4, and WebKit Nightly.[4] The same test performed on March 15, 2010 showed the first IE9 Platform Preview (using the then-current version of Chakra) to be faster than Firefox (with SpiderMonkey), but slower than respectively Safari (with SquirrelFish Extreme), Chrome (with V8), and Opera (with Carakan)

On February 8, 2011, the test showed the IE9 Release Candidate (using the current version of Chakra) to be faster than Safari, Firefox (with TraceMonkey), Opera, and Chrome.

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