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Cache Reverse Proxy - nginx

Written by Wayne Ye  Thursday, January 10, 2013


On the homepage of nxing wiki, there used to be one sentence which really impressed my very much when I first time to take a look at it and learn it three years ago:

Apache is like Microsoft Word, it has a million options but you only need six. Nginx does those six things, and it does five of them 50 times faster than Apache.  --Chris Lea

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12 tips to boost RSpect and Cucumber

Written by Wayne Ye  Friday, November 9, 2012

In our daily TDD/BDD work, we spent most of our time in test cases, we analyze requirements, write test case, run it and watch it fail, implement code to make the test pass, repeat the process "until money runs out". Thus the speed of running those test cases have significant impact on a team's performance, ! You can't tolerance writing a test case, waiting 1 minute finish; You can't tolerance CI finishes running all RSpec/Cucumber tests for half an hour! I can't! So I motivated to improve this!

The result

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