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Wei Ye (Wayne)

Full Stack Developer/Tech Lead



Cell phone: +1-415-494-1873

Birthday: October 3rd, 1982

Wayne Ye Photo


Full stack developer and technical lead with 13 years of experience in C#, Python, JavaScript/nodejs, Ruby on Rails, I am very passionate and responsible in solving hard problems, delivering quality products and services. I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect and CodeProject MVP, and I hack with Vim.


Autodesk (San Francisco)

Technical Lead

Jan 2015 - Now

Cloud Development Technical Lead for Autodesk Health Dashboard Platform:, and a variety of microservices: ACM, SLA/SLI running on AWS (lambda, elasticsearch, athena, S3, knesis, cloudfront, etc).

Autodesk (Singapore)

Technical Lead

May 2013 - Dec 2014

Technically leading and building the Autodesk Developer portal:, technical stacks including Python, Django/Flask, nodejs, Shell, C#, MongoDB/Cassandra, Docker, Mesos, ZooKeeper, etc.

ThoughtWorks Shanghai

Software Consultant

May 2012 - Apr 2013

Core Developer of ThoughtWorks China Cloud platform based on OpenStack.

Core Developer of Diamond Subscription website of Real estate Australia, built with Ruby on Rails.

  • Server side architecture refactoring, module decoupling, significantly improved readability and maintainability.
  • Improved client page loading performance by leveraging CDN and fingerprint for static files, the average loading time reduced 40%.

SAP Labs Shanghai

Tech Lead

Dec 2011 - Apr 2012

Led a frontend team which prototyped HTML5 client of SAP Business One® OnDemand Control Center.

  • Designed JavaScript architecture and built up core framework.
  • Defined/implemented RESTful OData web APIs based on WCF.

Hewlett-Packard (PSG - Consumer Experience)

Tech Lead

Mar 2009 - Dec 2011

As a tech lead, I led a development team in Shanghai cooperated with US team on delivering several HP Software Products.

  • Led Web frontend development team developing a software purchasing pre-installed software.
  • Developed HP Total Care Advisor®. TCA is a WPF application based on .NET Framework 3.5 written in C#, our team independently developed a number of new features of it and delivered version 3.3 and 3.4 to the market.
  • Took three weeks business trip to Cupertino, CA, met co-workers, participated a serial of training, and helped to release TCA 3.4.
  • Developed HP Customer Experience Enhancement - HP Ceement, it is a Winform application (C# 2.0) periodically sends anonymous data (including machine profile, user operations on HP software, etc.) to the business marketing team.

Beyondsoft (Onsite to Microsoft)

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2008 - Feb 2009

Worked in Microsoft Redmond Campus for three projects.

  • WM Captaris is a Zune license management system used within eLive WM License team, I worked as a consultant engineer, fixed many functional/security bugs in the system, at the mean time I developed a number of new features based on the new requirements.
  • As a team lead leading two developers developed MSN Video Catalog Editorial Tool for eHome team (Windows Media Center), it devoted on managing the Catalog content XML with a user-friendly manner, providing image uploading, video playback, changes submit preview and other functionalities.
  • Worked with DevDiv team in building 41, wrote C# automation testing Library (based on MAUI and RPF) for Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Help Viewer, maintained test cases in Maddog.

Shanghai-Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd

C#/ASP.NET Web Developer

Jul 2005 - Nov 2007

As an offshore outsourcing engineer of Kintera, I participated in 4 projects:

Developed several web projects for kintera, including: Import Center, Transaction Platform, Financial Link and Single Gift Entry, using technologies including C#, ASP.NET, Ajax, etc.


No pains, no gains.

Success is 99% Failure.

If you aren't proud of it, it isn't good enough.

High cohesion, lose coupling.


Traveling, computer hardware, electronics, driving, coding, writing technical articles/blogs.


Wuhan Jianghan University (2001 - 2005)

Computer Science & Technology

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