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Wayne Ye (叶威)

Full Stack Developer/Tech Lead



Cell phone: +1-415-494-1873

Birthday: October 3rd, 1982

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Full stack developer and technical lead with 12 years of experience in C#, Python, JavaScript/nodejs, Ruby on Rails, I am very passionate and responsible in solving hard problems, delivering quality products and services. I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect and CodeProject MVP, and I hack with Vim.


Autodesk (San Francisco)

Technical Lead

Jan 2015 - Now

Cloud Development Technical Lead for Autodesk Health Dashboard:, and a variety of microservices: ACM, SLA/SLI running on AWS (lambda, elasticsearch, athena, S3, knesis, cloudfront, etc).

Autodesk (Singapore)

Technical Lead

May 2013 - Dec 2014

Technically leading and building the Autodesk Developer portal:, technical stacks including Python, Django/Flask, nodejs, Shell, C#, MongoDB/Cassandra, Docker, Mesos, ZooKeeper, etc.

ThoughtWorks Shanghai

Software Consultant

May 2012 - Apr 2013

Core Developer of ThoughtWorks China Cloud platform based on OpenStack.

Core Developer of Diamond Subscription website of Real estate Australia, built with Ruby on Rails.

  • Server side architecture refactoring, module decoupling, significantly improved readability and maintainability.
  • Improved client page loading performance by leveraging CDN and fingerprint for static files, the average loading time reduced 40%.

SAP Labs Shanghai

Tech Lead

Dec 2011 - Apr 2012

Led a frontend team which prototyped HTML5 client of SAP Business One® OnDemand Control Center.

  • Designed JavaScript architecture and built up core framework.
  • Defined/implemented RESTful OData web APIs based on WCF.

Hewlett-Packard (PSG - Consumer Experience)

Tech Lead

Mar 2009 - Dec 2011

As a tech lead, I led a development team in Shanghai cooperated with US team on delivering several HP Software Products.

  • Led Web frontend development team developing a software purchasing pre-installed software.
  • Developed HP Total Care Advisor®. TCA is a WPF application based on .NET Framework 3.5 written in C#, our team independently developed a number of new features of it and delivered version 3.3 and 3.4 to the market.
  • Took three weeks business trip to Cupertino, CA, met co-workers, participated a serial of training, and helped to release TCA 3.4.
  • Developed HP Customer Experience Enhancement - HP Ceement, it is a Winform application (C# 2.0) periodically sends anonymous data (including machine profile, user operations on HP software, etc.) to the business marketing team.

Beyondsoft (Onsite to Microsoft)

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2008 - Feb 2009

Worked in Microsoft Redmond Campus for three projects.

  • WM Captaris is a Zune license management system used within eLive WM License team, I worked as a consultant engineer, fixed many functional/security bugs in the system, at the mean time I developed a number of new features based on the new requirements.
  • As a team lead leading two developers developed MSN Video Catalog Editorial Tool for eHome team (Windows Media Center), it devoted on managing the Catalog content XML with a user-friendly manner, providing image uploading, video playback, changes submit preview and other functionalities.
  • Worked with DevDiv team in building 41, wrote C# automation testing Library (based on MAUI and RPF) for Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Help Viewer, maintained test cases in Maddog.

Shanghai-Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd

ASP/ASP.NET Web Developer

Jul 2005 - Nov 2007

As an offshore outsourcing engineer of Kintera, I participated in 4 projects:

  • Import Center: it is a complex CSV importing/analysis/interpreter web system with 6 wizards, guiding Kintera Sphere users imports their CSV files into Sphere DB by their preferences.
  • Transaction Platform: a brand new, low-level financial transaction class library employing O/R Mapping mechanism, I was the key developer, wrote 60% C# code and helped increased the unit test code coverage to 95%. TP delivered in 3 months (2 months ahead) with widely believed high quality.
  • Financial Link Lite: FLL enhanced existing systems, including more efficient Web Service APIs, re-designed web UI and new Ajax interactions.
  • Single Gift Entry: SGE provides a batch import portal of Gift for Kintera customers, the client adopts Ajax to retrieve data from Web Service in an asynchronous manner to improve user experience.


No pains, no gains.

Success is 99% Failure.

If you aren't proud of it, it isn't good enough.

High cohesion, lose coupling.


Traveling, computer hardware, electronics, driving, coding, writing technical articles/blogs.


Wuhan Jianghan University (2001 - 2005)

Computer Science & Technology

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