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Experiencing Windows 8 Tablet

Thursday, September 29, 2011 8:41 PM
Written by Wayne Ye
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This week is a Tablet week for me, Shilpa told me the Ipad2 I won in the Codeproject HTML5 & CSS3 competition had just arrived at Cupertino office, and my boss notified me he had successfully helped me bought an HP Touchpad - $99,  and my colleague Jun Yi participated Winndows Builld event hosted on Sep 13th in Anaheim, CA, no doubt, he got a free Windows 8 Tablet, I envy him, absolutely; however this afternoon, he kindly borrowed it to me for the entire China National Day, I appreciate himSmile.

My Ipad2 and HP Touchpad will be brought by Mr.X who will visit Shanghai office recently, I am extremely excited about the Windows 8 Tablet, actually before I got it I've already borrowed an HP TouchSmart PC and installed Windows 8 Developer Preview, I even developed an "Hello World" Metro style appSmile.

Well one thing I wanna mention is during my way home, it rained heavily, since I was riding my bike the Tablet is exposed in the rain, so I unfixed my T-Shirt and covered it without hesitation! That's what a real geek should do, isn't it? By doing this I got a lot of doubtful look because I was barebacked^_^

No more words, enjoy my photos!

My wet T-ShirtMy wet T-Shirt

It got protected
It got protected 

Metro UI
Metro UI 

Running Visual Studio 11 Express
Running Visual Studio 11 Express


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