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WTF?IBM Lotus and Domino Server?

Written by Wayne Ye  Sunday, February 3, 2013

Technical tags: IBM, Domino, AIX, LotusScript, ODBC/JDBC, ADO, OLE DB,

Assume we are now in Jurassic period, the technologies above are in Cambrian period, developers who has less than 4 years experience probably never heard about any of the above terminologies... No choice, I was dealing with them during the passes few weeks, I met ODBC as soon as I graduated while I was development ASP website using VBScript, but it was soon replaced by ADO, and after half a year I started studying .NET so I used ADO.NET, nowadays we usually talk to Entity Framework which abstracts ADO.NET interfaces... Now 8 years passes for me whereas I picked all of them back and started "exploring"...

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