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Programming Skills

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, Ruby, C, VB, PHP, T-SQL
  • Back-end Web Development: ASP.NET, WCF, Ruby on Rails, SQL Server, MongoDB, NodeJS, REST
  • Front-end Web Development: HTML/HTML5, jQuery, knockoutjs, CSS, Ajax
  • Windows Development: WinForm, WPF/SilverLight, Windows Service, Win32 API
  • Architecture: SOLID, GOF Design Patterns, N-Tier, MVC, MVVM
  • Dev methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Lean, TDD, BDD

Work Experience

  • Dec, 2011 ~ Now - SAP Labs Shanghai: Tech Lead
  • Mar, 2009 ~ Dec - 2011: Hewlett-Packard: Tech Lead
  • Jan, 2008 ~ Feb - 2009: Beyondsoft: Senior Software Engineer
  • Jul, 2005 ~ Dec - 2007: Shanghai Digital Information Co,.ltd: Web Developer

More information about me please refer My Resume.

About WayneYe.com

This website is my Blog and Dev lab, my purpose is to record my life, writing technical articles and investigating programming technology, so from the low level SQL Server database (tables, stored procedures, transactions, etc), to server side ASP.NET pages (Master Page, Background management system, Cache strategy and L10N, etc), until front end HTML5/CSS, JavaScript(Animation, Ajax), were written by myself line by line. Its architecture adopts mixed Domain Model and Active Record, layers are loosely coupled, part of the website conforms REST architecture.

 public class Wayne : IHumen, IDeveloper, IGeek, IDad
    #region IHumen Members

    Name = "Wayne Ye";
    Vocation = "Software Developer";
    Age = 37;
    Hobbies = {"Coding", "Computer Hardware", "Travelling", "Driving", "Food"};


    #region IDeveloper Members

    MasteredTechnologies = {".NET Framework", "ASP.NET", "Winform", "WCF",
      "Windowsa Service", "WPF/Silverlight", "Win32 API/WMI", "REST", "AJAX"};

    SkilledLanguages = {"Csharp", "T-SQL", "JavaScript", "HTML5", "CSS", "VB", "PHP"};

    FamiliarArchitectures = {"N-Tier", "MVC", "SOA", "Active Record", "REST", "MVVM", "AOP"};

    UsedTools = {"Visual Studio", "Vim", "SQL Server", "IIS/Apache/nodejs", "SVN/git"};


    #region IGeek Members

    TypicalHabits = {
                  "By default, 12 hours on computer everyday",
                  "Typing is faster than thinking",
                  "Love coding/playing with software/hardware like crazy",
                  "Never close computer"


    #region IDad Members

    SonName = "Hao yu Ye";
    SonAge = "8 years 2 months";


Wayne's Geek Life http://WayneYe.com
Infinite passion on programming!